Assessment Change Notice

Michigan law requires assessors to send notices to taxpayers whose taxable or assessed values have increased. We send notices to all taxpayers whose values have increased, decreased, or remained the same.

These notices are mailed out two weeks prior to the March Board of Review. Property owners have the opportunity to appeal the valuation at the March Board of Review. 

Trying to understand your Assessment Change Notice? Check out the information in the document below.

Assessment Appeals


We ask that if you do appeal the valuation, that you support your position by offering evidence of the value you believe to be correct or by indicating the values of similar (comparable) properties. 

Please note that Proposal A does not authorize the assessor to automatically set the assessed value of a property which has sold at 1/2 of the sale price. An individual sale price may not be a good indicator of the true cash value of the property or a true reflection of the market.

Residential Property Appeals:  Appeals of residential property values must first be heard by the March Board of Review. Information for the March Board of Review is available by the links below. If you are not satisfied by a Board of Review decision, appeals of the decision can be filed with the Michigan Tax Tribunal by filing a petition by July 31, 2019. Michigan Tax Tribunal information and forms are available online

Commercial/Industrial/Personal Property Appeals:   Appeals for commercial, industrial or personal property may be taken to the March Board of Review (information available by the links below), or they may be filed by petition directly with the Michigan Tax Tribunal. The deadline for 2019 Michigan Tax Tribunal appeals is May 31, 2019.